Important Announcement

As some of you may have heard by now, I will be moving back to Canada at the end of September and wrapping up my business permanently. My fiance applied for Canadian permanent residency thinking it would take a few years to process, however she was approved quickly. Unfortunately, one of the terms of the application requires us to be in the country by the start of October, ultimately leading to my decision to wrap up Div 19.

I first want to thank you for your business over the years. I truly appreciated the chance to work with everyone. I’d also like to introduce you to a local agency called Simple. I spent a long time hand-selecting an agency I felt confident could continue maintaining, hosting and supporting your website and, when the times comes, can help bring your next project to life.

Next Steps

Simple will be taking over all server operations as of today. The only change you will notice is that all future invoices will come from Simple, so please expect this and be sure to update your banking details. Invoices that were sent before today are to still be paid to Div 19. 

Server & Domain Support

Simple will be able to provide the following support for all accounts.

– Basic DNS management
– Updating nameserver records
– Basic email setup and support
– Addition of new services
– Changing account passwords

Website Updates

If you have a website, Simple will be able to assist with any updates. However, please be mindful that Simple's developers will have to familiarise themselves with your website before undertaking any work. The team at Simple has my contact details, and will try their best to help coordinate your requests.

Passwords & Licences

If you require any passwords or licenses to software you have purchased, let me know before 22/09/14. After that I will be deleting all my records for your privacy and security.

Future Projects

I’d like to invite you to get in contact with Simple if you would like to discuss any new projects. In addition to websites, Simple offers an integrated service spanning graphic design, advertising and more.

I have chosen to work with Simple based on the quality of their work and the professionalism they've demonstrated. I hope you all have a chance to work with them as I have over the last several weeks.

Thanks again for everything and wish you all the best.

Devon Aubert
0432 884 417